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Why do I love Dubai, U.A.E?

I have been living in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates for years now. One of my hobbies is traveling the world. As a Canadian Citizen, I am so lucky that I have the freedom to visit almost any country in the world without prior visa arrangements. Dubai, however; remains my number one city that I love to live in.


I get asked why do I love Dubai often, so here is my short answer:


1- Dubai Has great weather. Can you imagine what can you do in a city that is sunny all year around?


2- Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world.


3- Dubai is Tax-free. What can you spend the extra money on?


4- Dubai has great investment opportunities.


5-  Dubai is a futuristic city with fascinating architecture.

6- Dubai has the best shopping malls I have ever visited.

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